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Sons of the Law of One

Well done to Glen Pendleton who has been putting out quality podcasts online for the last decade. Plenty to choose from but would like to recommend these two.

Just copy and paste them into browser.

Episode is 118 The Influx Of Atlantean Souls – TheSeers


Episode 59 Meditations And Invocations Of The Masters -CreationSongs-The Kundalini and more.


Summer Party


The long awaited summer meet up for Members Only is on for Tuesday 27th July at 7:30pm

If you are not a member yet contact Ric Dobson for a form.

2nd Lockdown

Here we go again!

Do not forget to call friends and family to check all is ok during this lockdown. Stay Safe.

I thought that I would also remind you that Archive.org has a huge collection of free stuff if you looking to pass some time away.

Also check out on Youtube.

“Finding Your Element” – Sir Ken Robinson

“Second half of life” – Richard Rohr

“The Spaghetti Western Orchestra” at The Royal Albert Hall

Bristol Theosophical Blog

Its good to share. So why not tell us what Theosophical things you have found or would recommend that has helped during Covid-19.

Here are few I would recommend on youtube.

Finding Joe : A truly inspirational film, Finding Joe explores the studies of famed mythologist Joseph Campbell. Take a journey through the human psyche and discover the pattern hidden in every story.

Hacking Reality : Marion Kerr on a fun, visually exciting journey as she explores a mysterious, highly complex structure known simply as ‘E8’

Living Theosophy : At the Feet of The Master. Theosophical Classics.

True Prayer by Annie Beasant

Who pants and struggles to be free,

Who strives for others’ Liberty,

Who failing, still works patiently,

He truly prays.

Who, loving all, dare none despise,

But with the worst can sympathise,

Who for a truth a martyr dies,

He truly prays.

Who, when a truth to him is known,

Embraces it through smile or frown,

Who dares to hold it, though alone,

He truly prays.

In musing strength must come to dare,

Petitions are but empty air,

Brave action is the only prayer,

Thus learn to pray.