If reincarnation exists, we will all have to live each others lives at some point.

With karma being just another interpretation of an eye for an eye. A repeating cycle that the self will realise eventually is useless and chose the path of least resistance. The path of love.

Karma is perhaps a human construct to explain misfortune and an economic way to justify aggression and impose fear in a soul. Something we tell a child to make life easier for example…

With so many souls still in this early child like mode.

Where as developing empathy and unconditional love dissolves this and leads to a more mature soul.

A soul that does need to be managed by more human rules and constructs that has to be continually amended until there is endless volumes and inefficiencies, that takes us further from ourselves.

From the truth of the divine forces innate


I am sure we all get asked what is Theosophy and what do Theosophists get up to? I know I do all the time.

I have felt the unconditional love of God.

This is what slowly worked its way through my mind. I love Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu and all the ascend masters. All that is benevolent good and peaceful. This is what interests me about Theosophy, not the attainment of magical powers as some like to perceive that is what Theosophist do. For me personally is not an occult school like Hogwarts. It is invitation to research all that is good in humanity, philosophy and various faiths. If it does not teach unconditional love you are usually on the wrong path. Again this my view and you are free to choose what path to follow.

No matter what road we find ourselves on, one thing is for sure. All roads lead us to the truth, no matter how painful that may be.

Quote from Sweet Tooth.

I would of course suggest a path of love, light and benevolence

If you look at the history of Theosophical influences they promote growth and peaceful attainment of skills and ways of living that be it both of the individual and the whole in line with nature. Recognising that we already live in the garden of Eden. If we can change our perspective and lift the veil on shadow that holds us back.

With so much fear and division in our media in various formats. It is important that we hold onto on this centre and strengthen our connection with the higher self or we too will be consumed by a society of fear.

It’s is not a tennis match to constantly serve to ball back and forth between players. But to reach state of non competitiveness, through self mastery to hold the ball in the middle, to walk the line of centered-ness.

So to summarise

To be a theosophist is to be beacon of light in the darkness. To cultivate personal connection with God and the ascended masters . To emulate their teachings , love and wisdom. A peaceful revolutionary, bringing all back to oneness and love.

A voice of contribution not succession for what is already now known or that which is long forgotten.

To be outside and yet within us that divine voice of encouragement and joy in all things good. Full of compassion and sorrow for all things wrong.

Remember that there is good in the world. Check out Positive News and sign up for their news letter.

Recommended books

REDO ME, again and again by Malcom

Amazon books

The Essene Book of Creation by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely


Blessings for the year ahead

One of the ongoing themes of our sharing circle over recent months has been the exhaustion, the ongoing sense of being drained. If you resonate with this, I can assure you that you are by no means alone.

We can, logically, offer all manner of perfectly good explanations for this: low immunity to infections resulting from lockdown, long covid (or CFS, for example) weakening our immune system, the stress and strain of cost of living increases, trying to make sense of the war in Ukraine and increasingly severe impacts of climate change. And that is before we start on any personal trials and tribulations!

We should not underestimate how much any or all of the above are sapping our energy, not just physically but mentally, as we come to terms with a world which, many now report, is at a tipping point.

Within TS as, in many kindred organisations, we are aware of an evolutionary imperative to become more aware, more connected to each other and our planet, to be more present, more flowing. Once in that wonderful state then we can indeed enjoy life and be successful and help the world turn its corner. It is becoming aware, present and in the flow that is the challenge! During the process, one of the things we become aware of, is just how unaware and flowing we probably are. It can be really hard to be present for someone else when our mind is floating and doing its inner work … to become more present!

But doing that inner work, facing our own bad habits, chips on shoulders and mental blocks is, I would suggest, becoming even more essential if we, individually and collectively, are to evolve into a species to be proud of.

Given all of this, I am not sure that wishing you all a happy 2023 is realistic, taking everything we know to be happening in our outer and inner worlds. But I would like to give you my blessings for the coming year:

May you be blessed with opportunities to recharge when you need rest.
May you find inner strength when you need courage.
May wisdom come to you when you need a new perspective.
Make your personal journey bring blessings to others.


Build The First

“If there be some weaker one, give me strength to help him on:

If a blinder soul there be, let me guide him nearer thee.”

What is our life ? It is a mission to go into every corner we can reach and reconquer for God’s beatitude his unhappy world back to him. It is a devotion of ourselves to the bliss of the Divine Life by the beautiful apostolate of kindness. “

‘Humanity must be established between man and Nature before union can be accomplished between man and God. For Nature is the manifest of God, and if man be not in perfect charity with that is visible, how shall he love that which is invisible ?”

“Ask of God only the happiness of others.”

By Seeker

That Floaty Feeling

Do you get a sense that humanity is at some sort of transition point? Could we indeed have an opportunity now to change direction, to genuinely fulfil our potential; individually and collectively?

Of course, that could well mean admitting that many of the goals and directions that have propelled our species this far have outlived their usefulness. Unlimited economic growth fuelled by consumerism for example. Maybe pandemic lockdowns and current cost of living increases have a deeper purpose? As an opportunity to reflect, for example, and reassess just what is important in our lives, perhaps.

However, even if that idea sounds intellectually realistic and intuitively rings true, applying it in our own lives day-to-day, is another matter altogether, isn’t it! It is hard work to undo a lifetime’s conditioning … and to change our whole way of thinking.

Maybe you have been aware of some of the outward signs of all of this mental reprogramming? Needing more sleep, for example. For me it has also been a floaty feeling, a muzzy head; normal, rational, thinking being very difficult. But then, maybe a more transcendent, intuitive, flowing way of knowing is more effective and we should welcome this change of mind?

Such questions and experiences may well be amongst those we explore during our sharing circle next Tuesday (30th Aug). I look forward to it!

New Sharing Circle

The first running of our new sharing circle, led by DR. Keith Beasley starting on August 2nd 2022

These circles provide a rare opportunity for all of us to share our personal experiences and insights on topics still rarely discussed in the mainstream, such as raising consciousness , promoting well being through healing and energy practises.

If you have had experiences beyond normal rational understanding, then these evenings are a chance to discuss the feelings and insights that might have emerged….

These evening will run even 4 weeks for the rest of 2022.

For further details click link https://bristheolodge.org/monthly-sharing-circle

Who am I ?

You are part of the One Existence which men call God. You are divine in your origin and divine in your innermost nature. Your body is mortal; your spirit which is your true Self, is immortal; your soul, which is self which thinks and feels and regards itself as ” I “, may win its immortality if it becomes the servant of spirit, and not otherwise.


What do we remember this year, at Remembrance?

  People, things,   that have passed away.

  Change   that was not foreseen

Who do we remember on the 11th of the 11th?

  Those who have died

    Unnecessarily     Before their time     By whatever means

How do we remember?

  By being still

  By being with     the memories     the what was     the what might have been

  By grieving

Why recall the loss?

  Through grieving we accept.

  After grieving   comes


Why am I here?

You are here in order to discover what you really are and to bring into activity all the powers that lie sleeping within you. Since you are, in your true nature, a part of the divine life, you have within yourself all the atributes of divinity:

Infinite love… Infinite wisdom… Infinite power

Humanity is still very young and most of us have hardly begun the immense task of Self- Discovery. But we are here to do this very thing, and we have all the time we need to do it.

Found this on an old Theosophical flyer and it seems to still ring true.