Bristol Theosophical lodge

Welcome to our donations page.

Bristol Lodge was founded in 1926.

Since then, we have been offering regular talks and experiential sessions on a variety of themes, including, of course Theosophy, meditation, dousing, healing methods, various spiritual paths, plant medicine and the environment, and much more, have been included in the programme.

Our 100 year anniversary will be in 2026.

The Bristol Theosophical Lodge building is even older and needs a little care now and again. The last major works were in the 1980’s and we are currently working through a new renovation plan to update the building and facilities.

We want to make the lodge as climate change friendly as possible and need to upgrade roof and fit solar panels and other energy saving measures, refit kitchen with recycled units and build a new lobby to make the lodge more accessible.

These changes will help us to continue to provide a community meeting space for the future.

Thank you for your donations and support