I am sure we all get asked what is Theosophy and what do Theosophists get up to? I know I do all the time.

I have felt the unconditional love of God.

This is what slowly worked its way through my mind. I love Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu and all the ascend masters. All that is benevolent good and peaceful. This is what interests me about Theosophy, not the attainment of magical powers as some like to perceive that is what Theosophist do. For me personally is not an occult school like Hogwarts. It is invitation to research all that is good in humanity, philosophy and various faiths. If it does not teach unconditional love you are usually on the wrong path. Again this my view and you are free to choose what path to follow.

No matter what road we find ourselves on, one thing is for sure. All roads lead us to the truth, no matter how painful that may be.

Quote from Sweet Tooth.

I would of course suggest a path of love, light and benevolence

If you look at the history of Theosophical influences they promote growth and peaceful attainment of skills and ways of living that be it both of the individual and the whole in line with nature. Recognising that we already live in the garden of Eden. If we can change our perspective and lift the veil on shadow that holds us back.

With so much fear and division in our media in various formats. It is important that we hold onto on this centre and strengthen our connection with the higher self or we too will be consumed by a society of fear.

It’s is not a tennis match to constantly serve to ball back and forth between players. But to reach state of non competitiveness, through self mastery to hold the ball in the middle, to walk the line of centered-ness.

So to summarise

To be a theosophist is to be beacon of light in the darkness. To cultivate personal connection with God and the ascended masters . To emulate their teachings , love and wisdom. A peaceful revolutionary, bringing all back to oneness and love.

A voice of contribution not succession for what is already now known or that which is long forgotten.

To be outside and yet within us that divine voice of encouragement and joy in all things good. Full of compassion and sorrow for all things wrong.

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