Winter Programme

All talks start at 7:30 pm prompt. Please arrive a little early.

All talks are free and a collection bowl will be passed around at the end of talk for those who wish to make a donation. 

Lodge opens at 6:30pm if you want to use library or have refreshments and a chat downstairs.

We will be updating this page as more dates are confirmed.

Bristol Theosophical Lodge 2024

January -9th – DVD Film – Wings of Desire

Wim Wenders’ heartbreaking Berlin masterpiece is a glorious love letter to a city and a time capsule of a bygone era. Set in the 1980’s it is a fantastical romance that follows Damiel, an angel who yearns to feel when he becomes enraptured by Marion, an acrobat in a circus.

23rd – Richard Lancaster – Greenpeace – 31 years on and still fighting

Richard spoke at the Bristol Lodge 31 years ago and in this talk he will look back over the 31 years since he last spoke. He will look at what Greenpeace are now campaigning for, how campaigning has changed and the advent of the internet, social media etc. The talk will include problems faced and political, economic and infrastructural challenges to implementing their solutions.

February –

6th – A Sense of Space… Antarctica – Adrian Howkins

Adrian will talk about his environmental work in Antarctica, with a particular emphasis on some of the spiritual and religious aspects of working there. This will include the role of religion and spirituality in the history of the continent.

20th – Gnostic: Ancient answers to modern crises -Lucy Wyatt

There is a war going on for our minds. It would appear that 2,000 years ago the Gnostic’s identified a mind virus that is still influencing us. The virus which the Gnostic’s referred to as a group of entities called ‘The Archons’ has infiltrated so much of what we take for granted that we fail to even realize it exists.

March –

5th – Plant Spirit Natural Magic – Emma Fitchett (Farrell)

Emma Fitchett (Farrell) returns to the Bristol Theosophical Lodge with a follow up to her introduction to working with plant spirits for personal transformation.

Emma will take us into the world of natural magic through the lens of the Celtic Shamanic Medicine Wheel. Detailing the correspondences between planets, plants and Earth energies Emma will share how we can co-create with these forces to re-balance our lives.

Vernon Frost – Tuesday 9th April 2024, from 7.30 to 9pm.

Vernon is a world renowned teacher and healer in the field of esoteric and metaphysics. He is a facilitator of attitudinal healing, and a powerful clairvoyant with a unique psychic gift that allows him to follow your thought patterns and identify your limiting beliefs, see what event in your life caused it, and then discharge the negative energy of the trapped subconscious belief.

He is unorthodox, relevant and humorous. He’s a breath of fresh air! Vernon works from the heart and has a passion for nurturing growth, freedom and empowerment in people and he is a masterful storyteller and meta-physician. His talks and workshops are highly interactive, with many demonstrations, and deliver powerful life-