That Floaty Feeling

Do you get a sense that humanity is at some sort of transition point? Could we indeed have an opportunity now to change direction, to genuinely fulfil our potential; individually and collectively?

Of course, that could well mean admitting that many of the goals and directions that have propelled our species this far have outlived their usefulness. Unlimited economic growth fuelled by consumerism for example. Maybe pandemic lockdowns and current cost of living increases have a deeper purpose? As an opportunity to reflect, for example, and reassess just what is important in our lives, perhaps.

However, even if that idea sounds intellectually realistic and intuitively rings true, applying it in our own lives day-to-day, is another matter altogether, isn’t it! It is hard work to undo a lifetime’s conditioning … and to change our whole way of thinking.

Maybe you have been aware of some of the outward signs of all of this mental reprogramming? Needing more sleep, for example. For me it has also been a floaty feeling, a muzzy head; normal, rational, thinking being very difficult. But then, maybe a more transcendent, intuitive, flowing way of knowing is more effective and we should welcome this change of mind?

Such questions and experiences may well be amongst those we explore during our sharing circle next Tuesday (30th Aug). I look forward to it!