Blessings for the year ahead

One of the ongoing themes of our sharing circle over recent months has been the exhaustion, the ongoing sense of being drained. If you resonate with this, I can assure you that you are by no means alone.

We can, logically, offer all manner of perfectly good explanations for this: low immunity to infections resulting from lockdown, long covid (or CFS, for example) weakening our immune system, the stress and strain of cost of living increases, trying to make sense of the war in Ukraine and increasingly severe impacts of climate change. And that is before we start on any personal trials and tribulations!

We should not underestimate how much any or all of the above are sapping our energy, not just physically but mentally, as we come to terms with a world which, many now report, is at a tipping point.

Within TS as, in many kindred organisations, we are aware of an evolutionary imperative to become more aware, more connected to each other and our planet, to be more present, more flowing. Once in that wonderful state then we can indeed enjoy life and be successful and help the world turn its corner. It is becoming aware, present and in the flow that is the challenge! During the process, one of the things we become aware of, is just how unaware and flowing we probably are. It can be really hard to be present for someone else when our mind is floating and doing its inner work … to become more present!

But doing that inner work, facing our own bad habits, chips on shoulders and mental blocks is, I would suggest, becoming even more essential if we, individually and collectively, are to evolve into a species to be proud of.

Given all of this, I am not sure that wishing you all a happy 2023 is realistic, taking everything we know to be happening in our outer and inner worlds. But I would like to give you my blessings for the coming year:

May you be blessed with opportunities to recharge when you need rest.
May you find inner strength when you need courage.
May wisdom come to you when you need a new perspective.
Make your personal journey bring blessings to others.